A La Carte Leasing Services

Lean on our experience, still make a profit from your rentals.

Tenant Background Checks
We will run full credit and criminal background checks for all of your potential tenants.
We will verify employment status and their income status, regardless of the source.
Detailed Move-In Reports
We will review your rental unit and verify its condition prior to occupancy. Our report will fully detail the contents and include images of the property. This report can be used as a guide for property condition when the tenant moves out, making sure you are court-ready if necessary. 
Schedule Showings
Need someone to show your rental unit? We can do that. We will meet your potential tenant, show them the unit and collect a deposit if appropriate. 
Provide Vacation Services

Want to be able to leave town and know your tenants will be cared for? Call us. We can offer temporary emergency services, all you need to do is leave a credit card for repairs on file, and we will take care of the rest. 

What types of units do we support?
All of them, as long as they meet our criteria.

  • GetMust Show Lease Ledger to Prove Payment History
  • Needs to be in Code Compliance
  • Needs to be Well Maintained to Justify Rents 
  • Must Show Current Tenant Background Checks (Criminal and Credit)
  • Must Show Move-In Report
  • Properties Must Be Up to Code
  • Property Must Be Owner Maintained 
  • Property Must Be in a Residential Area 
  • Property Must Be Able to Get the Certificate of Occupencey. 

Have more than one tenant in a building? No problem, we can still support you as needed. Just let us know when you need us and we will be there.